CEO, Magician, Engineer

Moulla, a renowned French magician and illusionist known for his use of new technologies, is the founder and CEO of Augmented Magic.

Magician since the age of 10, Moulla is also a graduate engineer from ESIEA and a specialist in virtual reality. In 2011, he founded Augmented Magic studio and the concept of Augmented Magic. He writes and produces his shows and events that he performs worldwide with his team.

Digital Artist & Engineer

Virtual Reality Engineer, as well as an illustrator and musician. Graduated from ENSIIE, he worked at Dassault Systèmes in Singapore before joining the teams of Augmented Magic.

Expert in creating technological tools in the entertainment industry, he supervises the technical aspect of the studio and designs innovative technological solutions in partnership with Moulla and the team.

Magic & Artistic Producer

Magic & Artistic Producer, has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, working in it for over 10 years. Pénélope co-managed an immersive installations studio before joining the Augmented Magic team in the production, monitoring and coordination of projects.

Videographer & Music Composer

Passionate about image and music, Rose is a Video Editor and Composer. She has been working in the entertainment and arts industry for many years, and supports films and music made by women.

Rose joins the Augmented Magic teams on tour for live show recordings, edits and other magical creations.

Technical Director

Technical Director of Augmented Magic, he graduated from ESIEA. After working as an engineer at HP, he collaborates with the studio and manages the install of large-scale shows in more than thirty countries.

He has extensive experience in the field of shows and new technologies. He also manages all technical teams on tour.

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