With poetry, technological prowess and laughs, Moulla brings you deep down in the history of magic: starting from fire discovery, to the Middle-Age conjurers and Robert Houdin, Georges Méliès... The illusion is told on stage and brought to life with the audience.
Beyond innovation, the project of Augmented Magic starts from a simple observation: new technologies are everywhere around us, they are the future. Creating a magic show by using them seemed to be a logical extension. Thus Augmented Magic revives the horizons of the world of magic by breaking the codes of the genre while exploring technologies still in the experimental stage.
The conception
The show is based on an acting and clown like scripture which let a big part to improvisation: it's performing art! The staging breaks the fourth wall to invite the spectator to be part of the show and interact with the illusions (with his smartphone for example). For each representation, the journey in the show is different and evolves with the audience.
The structure
The several acts of he show are a magic adaptation of philosophic tales or real life situations. Mixing tales and magic history, MIRACLES explores and questions the place of miracles in our society. Thanks to Lewis Carroll, Nasreddine Hodja, Andersen, our big sources of inspiration.
A show to please them all
MIRACLES is a show for adults as much than for kids. It's a show which speaks directly to your imagination, making the experience different for everyone. Isn't it how magic works?
The digital scenography
We mix tomorrow's technology and the art of illusion to create our acts' universes, somewhere between enchanting charm and digital art. Thanks to real-time immersive virtual devices, the audience can see, hear, feel, the hallucinations of the traveler along his journey through the show. The audience is invited to walk the way between the real world and this other one where everything is possible. At the crossroads of technology, illusion, laugh and poetry, we imagine bridge between dream and reality.
Add some digital magic to your business.
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