The Team

2011 - 2020


CEO, Magician, Engineer

“Do you want to see a magic trick ?”

Moulla, founder and CEO of Augmented Magic, started magic at 10 years old. Moulla also is an engineer, graduated from ESIEA and specialised in virtual reality. This duality gave him the idea to mix magic and new technologies: he named this concept «Augmented Magic ». Moulla imagines, writes, creates and plays the Augmented Magic shows with his team all over the world.



Videomaker, Digital Artist, Community Manager

“Haaaaaaaaaaa !”

Bastien has worked a lot in the audiovisual sector as a video editor, and is a youtuber whenever he has time (check out Kitch Trasher, it's awesome !). He has an audiovisual diploma from Cassin, Bayonne/Biarritz. He creates 3D animations for our shows, records and edits all our videos, and also manages the social networks. The legend says he has 36 arms, with 34 of them holding a camera with a different focal.




“Come on, let's go right now !”

Elise is a project manager. After studying at San Francisco, she began juggling schedules, budgets, recos and providers. She likes event production, new technologies, the backstage of the shows and excaping from escape games.



Digital Artist, Engineer

“Well, meanwhile I'm gonna draw something”

Sébastien is a virtual reality engineer. He graduated from ENSIIE. After working at Dassault Systèmes Singapore, he joins the technical team of Augmented Magic as a Digital Artist and interpreter. He also is a illustrator, musician, and gamer : He draws, designs and develops his own vidéo games, when he doesn't have a guitar between his hands.



Co-founder, Digital Artist, Engineer

“Not technician, digital artist !”

Gamgie graduated from Polytech ‘ Grenoble, he worked with Dassault Systèmes in the field of 3D real time and augmented reality. Creative Engineer and digital artist , Gamgie is in charge of Augmented part of Augmented Magic . He is part of the artistic movement of “creative coding ” who uses computers as an artistic creation tooll. He designs all the digital part of Augmented Magic . So it goes from a mobile application for a close up show to an interactive show with live performers. He is also the creator of interactive installations Augmented Magic.



Data scientist, Digital Artist, Engineer

“Yes but… what is the universe ?”

Caillou – or Valentin – is a software engineer. He graduated from ENSIIE. After creating data anlysis softwares, he joins the technical team of Augmented Magic as a Digital Artist and webmaster. What he likes in magic, it's analyzing the tricks and creating new ones. Cartoonist, he storyoards the shows to impress the client.

The rest of the team, drawn by Seb