Welcome to Augmented Magic !

We create magical experiences using digital innovations to create emotion.
Augmented Magic is the new way of creating magic. It blends the art of magic with the power of the latest technologies.

Our Augmented Magic Experiences are Magicals Shows,  Hypnotic Interactive installation, videos and software.

We share our concept to help companies in their communication.
We imagine, create, and realize every creation.

Our Happy Clients

Meet Our Team

MoullaCEO - Magician & Engineer
Both Magician and Engineer (Graduated from the ESIEA), Moulla mixed his two passions to create the concept of “Augmented Magic”. As the first virtual reality magician in Europe, he has hundreds of Magic performances under his belt, having performed different series of custom Augmented Magic shows for many companies all over the world.
GamgieCTO - Graphiste & Engineer
Gamgie is a very talented engineer (Graduated from Polytech Grenoble) specializing in 3D real-time and augmented reality engineering. He combines the engineering skills and techniques to prepare the Augmented Magic Shows and Experiences, handling all creation of 3D effects and real-time synchronization with objects on stage. Gamgie also oversees and coordinates the technical teams working on each augmented magic project and is the person to ask for any technical questions.